Thursday, June 10, 2004

My daily workflow for hometheater satisfaction

I visit my favorite websites for the latest in-thing :-

  1. AVSforum - the one-stop AV related forum for all things big and small. Check out the section on DVD movies, DVD Players, Projectors and HTPC. My profile.
  2. TH3beastDVD forum - this is a yahoo forum/group about DVD bootlegs in Malaysia... yes yes... I do have bootlegs.
  3. DVDreview - for some news and reviews of dvds
  4. DVDfile - for more stuff on dvds and reviews
  5. DVDboxoffice - supposedly the cheapest for shipping dvd's to malaysia. I usually visit this site to check the latest release of dvd and upcoming titles since the site is straightforward and easy to navigate (unlike amazon)
  6. DVDPricesearch - to compare prices of dvds between predefined US/canadian vendors

Some other websites I visit from time to time :-

  1. Bernzie - my webpage of course. Just to admire it now and then ... hehehe. Not much time to update it or fill it up with fancy shpancy stuff like in the beginning... hehehe.
  2. Tipiddvd - for reviews on bootlegs (Yes... there are reviews on such as well)
  3. Hivizone - for the latest in asian dvd. Also sells HTPC.
  4. Big Picture - good site for dvd reviews from a big-screen-owner point of view
  5. EROS - for bollywood dvd and reviews
  6. Laserdisc forever - about LD generation. Good site. Sometimes I itch to get myself a LD collection/setup. Fortunately EBAY is not that advanced in Malaysia, otherwise I would have been busy accumulating ...

    After all that surfing during the day (yeah yeah I know... another unethical thing to do when I'm at work), I'll be heading home to watch a dvd or two, time permitting of course. The hobby is so addictive, it's like having a fix just by hearing a peep from my HT system... sad but true. Some called it a no-life situation but I'm not alone for sure. Just check out the hardcore ones in the AVSforum listed above... scary to think there are some who are more dedicated than me and yet balance their lifestyle around it successfully.

    When it comes to anticipation, nothing beats the long wait for a dvd being shipped from online purchases... that's the real test of patience and perserverance. The crap hits the fan when it doesn't arrive at all without a sign. That's the lowest of the low... not knowing wat happened or if it was happening in the first place despite the shipping confirmations. Of course, there are websites that do hold up to their end of bargain by reshipping a second time or refunding the money eg. Amazon.