Saturday, December 18, 2004

Shopping list...

Am pondering if to get the much talked about Momitsu DVI players, from Singapore. Due to its DVI output and scalability, I am itching to get it hoping that it would make a night and day difference to my overall projector's picture quality.

Did some fact finding in the xtremeplace forum and avsforum threads (1 2 3 4 5) still no confirmation that it's worth the SGD500 and another SGD100 for a 10m DVI cable.

Should I should I not?

Update: 24th December
I think my self-control is gone, that's what I get for researching too much on the net. The curiosity and enthusiasm is way overblown. Heck with it, the only way I would know the outcome is to get it myself, after all, it's only SGD500+ right? (gulp). I'm guessing there will be improvements in picture quality but risk having some combing/scanline artifacting/anamolies due to lesser effective processing chip compared to the Faroudja and settings in my current RP82.

Even after seeking therapy from my old HT friend, Daryl, I'm back to my eager purchase. Yes, he's right that I should wait for the next generation of HD-dvd, dvd players and projectors ie. high definition source from bluray or HD dvd and most likely HDMI (not DVI) connection from player to projector. But.... I dun think I can wait another year or two for these to arrive at a reasonable price. Furthermore, my current AE300 LCD projector hasn't even scratch the surface yet in terms of its lamp hour usage, let alone upgrade it. And to think of how Malaysia is so backward in terms of HT offerings (case in example DVI dvd players), I'm going to grab this opportunity.... the time is now.

Stay tuned for updates.


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